Today is         Dinan Supercharged BMW 540i compare to DINAN S2 M5 (E39)


My 540i raced with a Dinan M5 (Stage II). It belongs to my local Dinan dealer and the driver, who also happens to own the shop, is a very experienced and capable BMWCCA instructor who has been to many track events with his race tuned E30 M3.

Here is the race:

Dinan M5: 2001 with Dinan Cold-Air-Intake with Dinan full-stage software, Dinan headers, Dinan performance stacks, Dinan free-flow Exhaust and Dinan 3.45 Limited-Slip-Differential.

Location: Pacific Coast Highway. California.
Time: Approximately 4:50 PM
Tempature: 75~79 degrees
Wind: Mild
Humidity: Dry
Number of Runs: 3

The Result:

1st run: 0~60mph: My car pulled about a yard @ approximately 45mph, about 1 car length @ 60mph.

2nd run: 0~60mph: My car pulled about a yard @ approximately 42mph, about 1 car length @ 60mph.

3rd run: 0~130 mph: My car pulled about a yard @ approximately 43mph, about 1.5 ~ 2 car length @ 85mph, I could see the M5 in my driver side view mirror @ about 130 mph.

I didn't use the brake n' gas launch, just stomp on the gas on the count of 3 (1, 2, 3, GO!) while I leave my gear in the sports mode slot. The reason for this is that even though I might have had more powerful launches when I used brake n' gas method, I didn't want to end up with too much wheel spin by not doing it right.

When I confirmed with the owner of M5, he told me that he had a good launch on all 3 runs. All 3 runs were very consistent for me, which I attribute to my car being an automatic, and our timing very accurate.

I didn't expect my 540i to do this well against the Dinan S2 M5. My first gear ends @ approximately 40mph and my second gear ends around 75mph (I have a 3.15 LSD. This M5 however, had a 3.45 LSD). When my first gear ended, the M5 and I were very close, with me having a slight advantage. After my shift to 2nd gear, the tach dropped at about 5000 RPM, which as anyone who has seen my dyno knows is where the Dinan S/C is well into producing more HP than the M5. It was then that I was able to pull away from the M5.

CAR & DRIVER Magazine quoted "The Dinan automatic does have the real-world advantage of repeatable mash-and-go acceleration, where the M5 requires just the right combination of revs and clutch timing for its best sprint". This does not apply to our race becuase we have an excellent driver in the M5, but it's good to know.


On the Dyno corner, My 540i recorded 373.9 Horsepower at the Rear Wheel (Approximately 450.48 Horsepower at the crank by adding 17% of 5-speed automatic transmission power-loss.)

DINAN's S2 M5 got 356.6 Horsepower at the Rear Wheel (Approximately 419.53 Horsepower at the crank by adding 15% of 6-speed manual transmission power-loss). Dinan's S2 M5 should have 470 Horsepower at the crank according to Dinan Engineering, but the real Dyno result on the Dinan S2 M5 appeared to be short.

Therefore, my Supercharged 540i has 30.05 More Horsepower than the Dinan S2 M5 at the crank (450.48 HP - 419.53 HP = 30.95 HP).

Also my 540i weights approximately 300lbs less than the Dinan S2 M5.

For your information: The numbers of Peak Horsepower listed above for my supercharged 540i are rather conservative. The Supercharged 540i actually outputs 464.63 HP if the STANDARD 20% Auto-Transmission Power-Loss Method is being applied.
In that case, my Supercharged 540i has 45.10HP than the Dinan S2 M5.


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