Today is         Ultimate 485HP BMW 540i - G-TECH PRO Experience (G-TECH Pro Meter)


The G-TECH Pro meter is supposed to have 1/10 sec +/- accuracy in 0-60 mph and 1/4 time while trap speed has 1 mph +/- accuracy. According to my experience, G-Tech time measurements is a bit optmistic than on the race track. My observation is that the G-TECH is usually 0.1 ~ 0.3 sec and 5 ~ 6 mph faster than track time.

You can see the Real Track Times on a 1/4-Mile Drag Strip of my BMW 540i at " THE CALIFORNIA SPEEDWAY QUARTER-MILE DRAG RACING EXPERIENCE " section.

I tested my 540i with the G-Tech Pro Device and it recorded my fastest run from 0~60mph was 3.87 seconds and my slowest was 4.61. I'm averaging 4.02 seconds in 8 runs.

My best time for the Quarter-Mile run was 12.48 seconds @ 119.79mph while I'm averaging 12.57 seconds @ 118.75 mph in 5 runs.