Today is         Dinan Supercharged BMW 540i compare to BMW M5 (E39)


I have raced a couple of BMW M5 (E39) on the 1/4-Mile Drag Strip. Fortunately I can be able to beat the BMW M5 without breaking a sweat.

You can see the time comparison between my 540i and the M5 at " THE CALIFORNIA SPEEDWAY QUARTER-MILE DRAG RACING EXPERIENCE " section.

For your information, Here is a comparison (Dyno Graph Result) between my buddy Dan B's Dinan Supercharged 540i & a Stock BMW M5:

After putting both Dinan Supercharged 540i & M5 on the same Dyno Jet, the Dinan Supercharged 540i got 371.1 Horsepower at the Rear Wheel (Approximately 463.88 Horsepower at the crank by adding 20% of 5-speed automatic transmission power-loss.)

The M5 got 335.8 Horsepower at the Rear Wheel (Approximately 395.01 Horsepower at the crank by adding 15% of 6-speed manual transmission power-loss).

Supercharged 540i has 68.82 More Horsepower than the ///M5 at the Crank (463.88 HP - 395.06 HP = 68.82 HP).

A Dinan Supercharged 540i weights approximately 320lbs less than the M5.


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