Today is         PRE-CAT (PRECAT / header) REMOVAL for FERRARI - 360 MODENA / 360 SPIDER @ (

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The pre-cat (pre catalytic converter) is a roll of catalytic material that Ferrari decided to insert into the exhaust manifold/ header, in order to improve cold start emissions. Ferrari started doing this with model year 2000+. This roll (metal-ball-like object) of catalytic material, or pre-cat (ahead of the main catalytic converter), will break down with bits and pieces of it migrating into the cylinders, scratching them and causing money/headache conditions.

I had my pre-cat removed by 2 Ferrari technicians. The result was very dramatic.


1 - Car sounds so much LOUDER & Better (in everyway)
2 - Car runs much smoother
3 - Car runs so much FASTER (You can feel the car breathes WAY much better)
4 - No CEL (Check-Engine-Lights) issues (Unlike aftermarket test/straight pipes)
5 - Passed the Emission Test (SMOG) with no problems (Unlike aftermarket test/straight pipes)


1 - MPG (miles-per-gallon) drops from an average of 13.5mpg down to 8mpg. Worse than my Supercharged V8 BMW
2 - Need to raise your voice a little during conversation while driving

This Pre-Cat Deletion is by far the BEST modification I've ever made on my Ferrari. It's worth every penny!

Sorry no video clips at this time, I will try to upload into my MY VIDEO SECTION when I have time. Please do check back, trust me you WANT to see the videos of the Before & After.

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