BMW 540i 1996 - 2001 Supercharger


Dinan's Supercharger System for the 540i delivers unparalleled acceleration, every-day drivability and reliability enthusiasts have come to expect from Dinan tuned BMW. Countless hours of development, refinement and testing have resulted in a supercharged engine that produces 486.125 horsepower @ the Crank (388.9 horsepower @ the Rear Wheel on Dyno Jet + 20% Power Loss: 388.9 HP divided by 80% = 486.125HP) and 421.25 lb/ft of torque @ the Crank (337 lb/ft @ the Rear Wheel on Dyno Jet + 20% Power Loss: 337 lb/ft divided by 80% = 421.25 lb/ft Torque). Yet behaves in a civilized manner. Close attention to detail and the highest quality materials ensure that the fit and finish are on par with factory standards.

Dinan's expertise in forced induction engine technology is evident in every aspect of the 540 Supercharger System. The system employs Vortech's efficient and reliable gear driven supercharger, featuring helical cut gears for quiet operation. A wide, 8 rib belt ensures maximum reliability at the speeds necessary to deliver 8 pounds of boost pressure. The engine management systems have been programmed for maximum power gains, drivability and compliance with applicable emissions standards. Dinan software ensures that the system maintains all On Board Diagnostic (OBD II) functions and that the ignition timing and air/fuel mixtures are optimal throughout the engine's operating range. BMW's variable cam timing system, "VANOS", has been reprogrammed for maximum power gains and improved low-end torque. The system also features an aggressive Cold Air Intake to ensure that the supercharged engine is breathing plenty of cool, dense air for maximum power gains.

Peak Horsepower: 486.12 @ 5700 RPM
Peak Horsepower Gain: 204.12 (vs. stock 282 hp)
Peak Torque: 421.25 lb/ft @ 4400 RPM
Peak Torque Gain: 111.25 (vs. stock 310 lb/ft of Torque)